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As the year creeps to its close (I'm tempted to rephrase that: 'as the year gallops to its close'), Music & Vision's first birthday is nigh. That, for the editorial team, seems hardly credible. But proof is found in our database, now crammed with material, much of it as relevant today as when first published. All of it is available to readers for a few clicks of the mouse.

My thoughts turn to what we promised on 1 January 1999. I cannot claim that we have entirely fulfilled this, but we are on the way, thanks to some excellent writers giving us the cream of their knowledge, experience and ability.

Feedback from readers has never advanced beyond a trickle, but we've gained an idea that our present course of direction and development meets with general approval. If some of you disagree, please send your views.

Anybody reading this - whether in Iceland, Chile, New Zealand, or a hundred other territories - probably interacts with local musicmaking. The internet has, in effect, shrunk the world, and we wish to take advantage of this by increasing the amount of news we give of forthcoming performance, whether professional or amateur. In the latter category, we look especially for innovative programming.

Please, if you have news to pass on, do so using our form. It is so simple, cutting out pen, paper, ink, blotting paper, envelopes and stamps. I do not imply that readers are unaware. We just tend not to compare the state of present technology with the impedimenta of a generation ago.

You will doubtless notice a stream of small design changes as we endeavour to make things easier to read, and easier for readers to control. We all operate in cyberspace, so its best developments must be evaluated and shared if the outcome is to be worthwhile.

As for Music itself - this art and craft to which we all pay allegiance - what will be the 21st century stimuli for progress in its various manifestations? Of 'progress' there is no doubt: nothing living can survive without growth and therefore change. The fascination of such an invitation to prophecy lies in its unpredictability. Each generation yields a few musical giants. What will the 21st century giants amongst composers have up their sleeves?

Copyright © Basil Ramsey, October 4th 1999


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