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CD Information

The Amoris Consort


Work details

Edwin Carr: Waiheke Island
4'24"/3'06"/1'57"/3'19" - TT 12'46"
Leonard Salzedo: Bailables Op 127
2'40"/2'02"/3'13"/2'47" - TT 10'42"
Leonard Salzedo: Sonata a Tré Op 111
4'10"/3'28"/3'34"/2'24" - TT 13'36"
Mátyás Seiber, arr. Leonard Salzedo: Leichte Tänze
1'13"/1'27"/1'43"/1'43"/1'07"/1'22"/0'59"/0'45"/0'45" - TT 10'04"


Artist details

The Amoris Consort:
Steven Nelson
, oboe, musette
Jennifer Paull, oboe d'amore
Karen Strand, english horn
Marc Baudry, bass oboe
Christine Sartoretti, harpsichord


Recording details

Recording dates: 21,22 August 1996
Venue: Aiglon College Chapel, Villars, Switzerland
Producer: Mischazz Mersson
Recording Engineer: Alain Trachsler
Editing: Michael Aldridge at Firestation Studios, San Marcos, Texas, USA
Copyright: 1997 Amoris Edition
Pressing: 1997 Amoris Edition

Amoris AR 1002 Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 48'06"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Edwin Carr, Leonard Salzedo and Jennifer Paull
Cover: Painting 'Leighton Hall, 21st July' by Adrian Berg RA
Publisher: Amoris Edition
Credits: Adrian Berg
Art Direction and Design:Marcus Rice
Dedication: to the memory of Paul Peter Paull in love and gratitude


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