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CD Information

The Oboe d'Amore Collection Vol II


Work details

William Blezard: Two Contrasted Pieces
3'04"/1'58" - TT 5'02"
Edwin Carr: Four Pieces
1'18"/1'58"/1'13"/1'04" - TT 5'33"
Harold Schiffman: Tsiyahi Dikanogisdi
3'28"/3'39"/2'50" - TT 9'56"
Edwin Carr: Two Mansfield Poems
6'00"/5'59" - TT 11'59"
Leonard Salzedo: Cantiga Mozárabe
Edwin Carr: Prelude and Aria
1'23"/5'09" - TT 6'32"
John Rushby-Smith: Monologue
2'30"/1'41"/2'25" - TT 6'36"
Wilfred Josephs: Alice's Reverie
John McCabe: Dance - Prelude


Artist details

Jennifer Paull, oboe d'amore
Read Gainsford, piano


Recording details

Recording dates: 11-13 March 1997
Venue: Opperman Music Hall, Florida State University, USA
Producer: Steven Nelson
Recording Engineer: Sean Reilly
Digital Editing: Jonathan Recordings, Bristol, England
Copyright: 1997 Amoris Edition
Pressing: 1997 Amoris Edition

Amoris AR 1003 Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 59'08"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Jennifer Paull, Michael Finkelman, William Blezard, Edwin Carr, Harold Schiffman, Leonard Salzedo, John Rushby-Smith, Wilfred Josephs and John McCabe
Cover: Composition by Charles Niklaus, Déclic, Monthey, Switzerland
Artist photos: Charles Niklaus, Déclic, Monthey, Switzerland
Publisher: Amoris Edition
Credits: Florida State University, Anne Garee (piano technician), Jim's Pianos, Tallahassee Mall, Tallahassee, Florida
Art Direction and Design: Marcus Rice
Instrument supply, servicing and maintenance: Atelier Lohri, Lucerne, Switzerland


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