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CD Information

Triumphal Music for Organ & Orchestra
Jongen - Dupré

Work details

Joseph Jongen: Symphonie concertante for organ and orchestra Op 81
8'52"/9'27"/14'20"/6'47" - TT 39'18"
Marcel Dupré: Cortège et Litanie Op 19/2
Marcel Dupré: Concerto in E minor Op 31
5'52"/8'32"/7'26" - TT 21'45"


Artist details

Franz Hauk, organ
Philharmonic Ingolstadt
Alfredo Ibarra
, conductor


Recording details

Recording dates: 11-14 August 1997
Venue: Liebfrauenmünster, Ingolstadt, Germany
Recording Producer: Jonathan R Wearn
Assistant to the Producer: Paul Parsons MA FRCO
Mastering: PJ Reynolds Mastering, Colchester, UK
Copyright: 2000 Guild Music Ltd
Pressing: 2000 Guild Music Ltd

Guild GMCD 7195 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 67'52"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Franz Hauk (in German, with the friendly assistance of Sven Johann Koblischek and Bettina Christoph)
English translation: Regina Piskorsch-Feick
French translation: Francis Marchal
Front Cover: BAL34138 'The Cathedral, Siena' by Richard Henry Wright (1857-1930) - courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum, UK/Bridgeman Art Library
Artist photos: Not credited
Art Direction: Guild Music Limited
Booklet Design: Paul Brooks, Design & Print - Oxford
Executive Co-ordination: Guild Music Limited
Credits: Ingolstadt Bureau of Culture, Arts Officer Gabriel Engert, Fr Isidor Vollnhals of the Ingolstadt Minster, Martin Sokoll, Hotel Anker, Deutsche Bank, Media Markt, Stadt Ingolstadt


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