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A Tree In Your Ear

Work details

Phillip Kent Bimstein: Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa (Fantasy for oboe, frogs, crickets and coyotes)
William Grant Still: Miniatures
3'55"/1'47"/2'13"/2'19"/1'27" - TT 11'41"
Alan Hovhaness: Koke No Niwa (Moss Garden) Op 181 for English horn, percussion and harp
Virko Baley: Orpheus Singing
7'54"/2'41" - TT 10'35"
Yusef Lateef: Saltwater Blues
Mark Phillips: Sonic Landscapes (Oboe and taped electronic music)
3'00"/2'57"/2'39"/1'56"/3'03" - TT 13'35"


Artist details

Stephen Caplan (oboe, English horn)

Richard Soule
, flute and Carol Stivers, piano (William Grant Still)
John R Beck, percussion and Kim DeLibero, harp (Alan Hovhaness)
Virko Baley, piano (Virko Baley)
Stefan Karlsson, piano, Bob Badgley, bass and Pat Sherrod, drums (Yusef Lateef)


Recording details

Recording date: Not specified
Venue: Artemus Ham Concert Hall and Lee Pepper Sound Studios, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Producer: Not credited
Recording Engineer: George Elliot Safire
Recording Engineer: Curt Miller (William Grant Still only)
Digital Editor: George Elliot Safire
Copyright: 1999 Musicians Showcase Recordings
Pressing: Not specified

Musicians Showcase MS1014 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 60'50"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Stephen Caplan, Phillip Kent Bimstein, Verna Arvey, Alan Hovhaness, Virko Baley and Mark Phillips
Publishers: Franklin Stark Music (ASCAP) (Bimstein), OUP (William Grant Still), Edition Peters (Hovhaness), Troppe Note Publishing (Virko Baley), Alnur Publishing, trans. Hal Stesch (Yusef Lateef), MMB Music (Mark Phillips)
Photos: Evon Shahan, New View Photography
Graphic Design: SFA, Inc.
Acknowledgements: Meet the Composer Foundation, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Dr W Howard Hoffman, Nevada Arts Council, Hinako Hovhaness, Judith Anne Still, Virko Baley, Phillip Kent Bimstein, Yusef Lateef and Mark Phillips


Purchase details

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