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CD Information

Bedrich Smetana
Chamber Works Vol 1

Work details

String Quartet No 1 in E minor 'From my Life'
7'14"/5'19"/8'16"/6'04" - TT 27'05"
String Quartet No 2 in D minor
5'10"/5'41"/4'30"/2'40" - TT 18'11"


Artist details

Panocha Quartet:
Jirí Panocha, 1st violin
Pavel Zejfart, 2nd violin
Miroslav Sehnoutka
, viola
Jaroslav Kulhan, cello


Recording details

Recorded: 13 November 1989 and 2 May 1990
Venue: Dobrís Chateau, Czech Republic
Recording Director: Jaroslav Rybár
Recording Engineer: Martin Kusák
Editor: Milan Novotný
Copyright: 1999 Supraphon a.s.
Pressing: 1992 Supraphon, 1999 Supraphon a.s.

Supraphon SU 3450-2 131 DDD Stereo
TT - 45'22"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Milos Pokora
Translations: Zoja Joachimová, Bedriska Adamicková, Emilia Esserová
Cover painting: 'In a Goodforsaken Place' by Jakub Schikaneder, by courtesy of the National Gallery, Prague
Booklet editor: Jana Rehorová


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