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Isabella (Lisa Livingston) and Salvator Rosa (Fernando Del Valle). Photo (c) 2000 Terry Donovan

The singing made the evening. How often does one encounter an array of soloists with uniformly admirable both high and low range? Andrea Baker, as the l6-year old Gennariello, would pierce through a Wagnerian climax (there were a couple later on; Gomes ranged wide) : a fabulous cutting edge in the Barstow mould, plus tangible charisma. Lisa Livingston, as Isabella (Rosa's across-the-barriers Hispanic love-match), produced a wonderful, gratifying tone throughout, at her best in the stand up Convent row with her father that recalls Capulet upbraiding Juliet.

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Copyright © 31 August 2000 Roderic Dunnett, Coventry, UK





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