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Meanwhile, Martin Jones has recorded Szymanowski: 'It's been published and available, but just hasn't quite caught on for some reason. Once you've done it, you can smell the music a mile away, but perhaps it isn't quite so obvious to start with' - and now Stravinsky: 'Everything is all out there. He makes a comment - you immediately recognize him.' And, coming shortly is that Spanish music set, including Granados: 'I was attracted to him some years ago and I was performing parts of Goyescas - I love his music to death.' Other composers will include de Falla, Mompou and Turina.

Poor Mark is kept waiting to do the big things. 'That's ok. He just knocks the piano out of tune, and then I have to wait till the guy comes to re-tune it'. Nimbus have a spanking new studio at Wyastone Leys in North Wales with perfect acoustics for recording work and live concerts. Both players have now started playing 4 hands - 2 pianos in recitals/concerts in America and the UK. MJ: 'Lots of fun, but nothing that you'd see advertised. We're doing little tiny places - nightclubs and casinos.' MA: 'I was thinking more of the word "pub". But it's hard to get 2 pianos in a pub! We've been diving into it and it's been a terrific joy.'

The 2-piano repertoire has been neglected for too long. Now a spate of duo-pianists have revived interest. MA: 'It's amazing how much a part fashion plays in this. The word "fashion" is out of fashion itself. In this day and age everything co-exists - I don't think there's a predominant fashion anywhere - it depends on who you're talking to.' MJ: 'There is certainly a fashion programming in London. It was partly due to Barenboim coming on and doing both the Brahms in one night, when most of us can only get through part of one of them, and that's enough! It was the circus aspect that created these events.' MA: 'I loved Barenboim's playing - he's a genius in a different category. I'm just trying to learn some Brahms!' Other pianists disappeared from the scene rather suddenly, like Raymond Lewenthal. MA: 'Most of us do - die, that is.'

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