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Global Fascinations and Sophistications

Anne Kaasa plays Grieg


Anne Kaasa joue Grieg. Copyright (c) 1996 Média 7.

Anne Kaasa hails from Grieg's homeland, Norway. Here is a reflective, penetrating artist who tempers the persuasive Grieg with the passionate, deeply-felt musician who conveyed all the depths of an emotional love for his country folk. For many years, Leopold Godowsky's recording of the Ballade op 24 held sway over all competitors, yet Kaasa matches his breadth of commitment with a telling invention of phrasing that melts the heart.

The Holberg Suite is full of grace and joyful, dance-like perfection, and six Lyric Pieces op 54 - Shepherd Boy, Norwegian March, March of the Trolls [listen - track 9, 2:02-3:01], Nocturne, Scherzo, and the spellbinding Sonorities of Bell-ringing (a masterpiece of topographical musical re-creation), shows an astuteness of understanding, hard to fault.

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