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Andrew Imbrie

Work details

Requiem (1984)
5'30"/4'15"/8'17"/2'45"/2'50"/7'32 - TT 31'37"
Piano Concerto No 3 (1989-91)
15'41"/8'35"/13'32" - TT 37'58"


Artist details

Lisa Saffer, soprano
New York Virtuoso Singers
Alan Feinberg
, piano
Riverside Symphony
George Rothman
, conductor


Recording details

Recording dates: 30-31 January 1998 (Requiem), 25 April 1993 (Concerto)
Venue: The Hit Factory, Studio 1, New York City, USA (Requiem), SUNY/Purchase, Theatre A, USA (Concerto)
Executive Producers for Bridge Records: David and Becky Starobin
Producer: Judith Sherman (Requiem), Adam Abeshouse (Concerto)
Project Director: Anthony Korf
Engineers: Glen Marchese (Requiem), Adam Abeshouse (Concerto)
Assistant Engineers: Jason Groucott and Greg Thompson (Requiem)
Editing and production assistance: Jeanne Velonis (Requiem), Silas Brown (Concerto)
Mastering Engineer: Adam Abeshouse
Copyright: 1999 Bridge Records Inc.
Pressing: 1999 Bridge Records Inc.

Bridge Records BRIDGE 9091 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 69'47"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Not credited
Front Cover: Andrew Imbrie, courtesy of the Riverside Symphony
Back Cover: Painting by Richard Diebenkorn, Untitled (Berkeley) 1954; private collection (c) The Estate of Richard Diebenkorn; courtesy of Lawrence Rubin - Greenberg Van Doren - Fine Art
Artist photos: Adam Cohen, Carol Rosegg, Santi Visalli, Josef Astor
Graphic Design: Peter Ciccone/Immaculate Concepts
Credits: Edward T Cone Foundation, Aaron Copland Fund for Music, William Carlin, George Hutzler, Mrs Phyllis Diebenkorn, Dorsey Waxter (Lawrence Rubin - Greenberg Van Doren - Fine Art) and Robert Besen (Managing Director, Riverside Symphony)
Webmaster for Bridge Records: Robert Starobin
Production Assistant for Bridge Records: Paul Cesarczyk


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