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CD Information

Jan Ladislav Dussek
5 Piano Trios

Work details

Sonata Op 20 No 3 in F major
7'16"/2'05"/3'11" - TT 12'32"
Sonata Op 24 No 3 in B flat major
7'58"/6'34" - TT 14'32"
Sonata Op 31 No 1 in B flat major (Three Sonatas with Scotch & German Airs for the Piano Forte, With Accompaniments for a Violin & Bass)
5'14"/1'29"/3'11" - TT 9'54"
Sonata Op 31 No 2 in D major (Piano only)
5'49"/2'08"/4'45" - TT 12'42"
Sonata Op 31 No 3 in C major
6'51"/1'48"/4'39" - 13'18"


Artist details

Trio 1790 :

Susanne von Bausznern
, violin (Hopf, mid-18th century)
Philipp Bosbach, cello (after an unknown instrument builder, from Southern Germany, c 1640)
Harald Hoeren, pianoforte (after Matthäus Heilmann, c 1790, built by Derek Adlam, 1978 - Sonatas Opp 20 & 24; after Michael Rosenberger, c 1800, built by Derek Adlam, 1980 - Sonatas Op 31)


Recording details

Recording dates: January/May 1998
Venue: Hans-Rosbaud-Studio, Baden-Baden, Germany
Executive Producers: Lotte Thaler/Burkhard Schmilgun
Recording Supervisor and Editing: Dorothee Schabert
Recording Engineer: Ute Hesse
Copyright: Not specified
Pressing: 2000, Südwestrundfunk/cpo

cpo 999 583-2 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 63'05"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Andreas Friesenhagen (in German)
English translation: Susan Marie Praeder
French translation: Sophie Liwszyc
Cover Painting: Günther Nussbaumer
Artist photos: Not credited
Booklet Design: Annette Holtheide
Design: Lothar Bruweleit


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