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Classical, Romantic and Modern in Central Europe

Work details

Beethoven: Piano Sonata No 28 in A Op 101 (1816)
4'13"/6'38"/3'27"/8'28" - TT 22'38"
Suk: Things Lived and Dreamt, Op 30/5 (1909)
Schoenberg: Six Little Piano Pieces Op 19 (1909-11)
1'39"/1'18"/1'21"/0'37"/0'57"/1'27" - TT 7'11"
Petr Pokorný Umlkáni (Dying away) (1969)
Brahms: Variations and fugue on a theme of Händel, Op 24 (1861)
1'46"/1'44"/0'53"/2'22"/1'24"/1'31"/0'38"/2'22"/1'45"/1'36"/1'23"/1'01"/2'21" /1'09"/1'03"/2'05"/6'18" - TT 31'30"


Artist details

Steven Wray, piano (Steinway Model D Concert Grand)


Recording details

Recording dates: 3, 4 January 1995
Venue: Studio 1, Performing Arts Technology Studios, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
Producer: Ates Orga
Balance Engineer: Ken Blair for BMP Recording
Editor: Ken Blair for BMP Recording
CD Mastering: Gareth Williams for Sound Recording Technology, Cambridgeshire, UK
Copyright: 1996 and 1998 Out Of The Way Productions UK
Pressing: 1996 and 1998 Out Of The Way Productions UK

Out of the Way Productions UK VRO CD 001 Stereo
TT - 73'41"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Steven Wray
Front Cover: Prague, c1890, AKG, London
Artist photos: Eleni Leoussi
Design: Vargas Organisation - design strategies


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