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Works for 2 Harpsichords

Work details

Johann Mattheson: Sonata and Suite in G major/G minor
6'03"/3'26"/1'46"/3'44"/3'15" - TT 18'14"
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Concerto in F major F 10
9'33"/5'58"/3'56" - TT 19'27"
Johann Ludwig Krebs: Concerto in A minor
6'42"/5'25"/4'31" - TT 16'38"
Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto in C major BWV 1061a
7'38"/5'05"/6'09" - TT 18'52"


Artist details

Richard Egarr, harpsichord
Patrick Ayrton, harpsichord

harpsichords by Joel Katman, Amsterdam 1991 resp. 1997 after Ruckers, Antwerp 1638


Recording details

Recording dates: March 1998
Venue: Utrecht, Netherlands
Producer: Klaas A Posthuma
Engineer: Not credited
Copyright: 1998 Klaas Posthuma Productions v.o.f.
Pressing: 1998 Klaas Posthuma Productions v.o.f.

Globe GLO 5179 DDD Stereo
TT - 74'14"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Richard Egarr and Patrick Ayrton (in English)
French translation: Clémence Comte
German translation: Erwin Peters
Cover design: Emmanuelle Jacomet
Artist photos: Not credited


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