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He was also an immensely productive composer and created 550 Improvised Sonatas, 41 Improvisations after the Psalms of David, 31 notated Piano Sonatas, 3 Piano Concertos, 3 Violin Sonatas, many character pieces for piano, a set of variations for orchestra, a handful of songs and a number of chamber works. About 750 works all told.

Johansen performed the 12 Historical Recitals in the space of a month covering the gamut of the piano's repertoire from Frescobaldi to Stravinsky. He presented this feat in New York City, Chicago, Madison, Copenhagen, Stockholm, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Ithaca (see below).

He founded the Leonardo Academy that enlisted the aid of Buckminster Fuller, Edward Teller and a dozen others in a series of symposia on energy, disease and pollution. He even met with Aurelio Pecci of the Club of Rome, planning to combine efforts.

Johansen consorted with many of the world's best musicians most who stood in awe of his energy and verve.

Destiny placed him and his legacy in Madison, Wisconsin. Now that legacy is in great danger of sliding into oblivion.

From his birth in 1906 in Copenhagen to his death in Blue Mounds at his beloved home nestled at 'Twin Springs', Gunnar Johansen trod the path of art as have few others.

He took up piano somewhat late but soon courageously introduced himself to Ignaz Friedman who recommended lessons with Victor Schioler, the Danish pianist, conductor and doctor of medicine. Later Schioler encouraged the young boy go to Berlin.

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