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Reading through any of the quality music magazines today exposes one's mind to an experience likened to dizziness. In recent years music has opened out like a tropical plant with brilliant foliage and a sensuous aroma. Brilliant musicians, whether performers, composers or conductors, are providing the world with challenging music and performances. The capacity of young professionals is enormous, some with the subtleties linked with memorable music-making. There are the usual run of disappointments common with any human endeavour, but one can ignore what eventually fails if meretricious.

Every country with a reasonable commitment to education and additional responsibilities for the arts usually provides assistance for training, so a slow transformation becomes apparent. There's no denying a snail's pace in some areas, and the burden of bureaucracy endured in others, which likewise drags enterprise into the clerical equivalent of deep mud.

As we now have readers from most countries, it would be of value if they wrote to us when there is news of positive assistance somewhere for Music, and Performers. There is so much that can be achieved through the focal point of a daily magazine, which can instantly bring news (not just good but also provocative news) to readers around the globe. Messages cost just a phone call and a few minutes of your time. Please therefore make use of the internet to aid us in helping others -- and you.

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