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Another dip into the M&V postbag this week for sites discovered and/or made by our readers ...

This first one's well worth exploring -- Jenny Setchell's website for the Rieger pipe organ in Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand. Although the chosen topic is quite specific and narrow, this site is extensive and interesting, with (for example) a wide-ranging Pipe Organ Links page providing mini reviews of the sites linked, an events page which is bang up-to-date and an organ crossword, if you'd like to test your knowledge. Don't assume that the site's all about organs -- there's plenty of other material here too. It's well-designed, up to date, and it all seems to work.


Staying with the keyboard, Piano tonight, anyone? Jared Rhoads writes with details of his nicely designed site Piano Tonight, based around concert listings, MP3 files and artist and composer profiles. Although piano-centred and USA-centred, it also caters for other types of classical music, and other areas of the world. When I tried the events calendar, it seemed glaringly empty, however, but this is a new site, so presumably the database will grow.


Another new piano site is West Indies Piano, which appears to belong to composer Alain Pierre Pradel (born in Guadalupe) and pianist Tatjana Rankovich (born in Belgrade and based in New York City, USA). Apart from the biographies of these people, the Pianists and Composers pages have interesting and unusual collections of links to other sites.


Ensemble Aleph for contemporary music in Paris -- a site in French and English. Some of the information here is out of date, but it's probably worth having a look around.


Juliane Gross's new music publishing company, 4'33" Verlag, is based in Munich, and has been in existence since 1992. Now online in a mostly German language site, although some pages have English language versions.


The Swiss-based clarinet trio Ensemble Clarino (Philip Hefti, Valentin Vogt and Valentin Wandeler) is now online with a distinctive red and black site at the address below, although unfortunately only in German.


16 year-old classical music fan Emily Gray runs a fun site called The Garden of Musical Delights, including anagrams and original music jokes. Don't miss the newly added Gouldianism -- a page of links to Glenn Gould sites.


Lastly this week, a special invitation to the website of Professor Cabbage (also known as Brian Holmes, a Physics professor from San Jose, USA). Leaning heavily on the French Horn for inspiration, Cabbage takes his visitors to places you'd never even imagine (unless you belong to the Horn list) ...


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