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These students want to identify themselves through their musical preferences. Thus a wide range of categories -- jazz, pop, R&B, Broadway tunes, and popular movie songs are requested. Learning the piano partly through this repertory is an approach needing care to ensure that keyboard progress is the underlying purpose. Luckily enough, adult students are conscientious in work and practice and regular in attendance.

It is necessary to tailor needs according to age and level of experience. Some older students have children learning the piano as well, and they yearn for additional experience to assist their children. But they do not have the ability as yet, so it is good to explore simple musical games that help both child and parent. Piano duets are of course valuable, and are not difficult to discover at music stores.

People in retirement perhaps show themselves to be the most dedicated in terms of persistence and steady practice. Some of them enjoy singing, which provides a useful adjunct. Some have involvement with churches and can be helped to learn hymn tunes and the most effective ways of providing accompaniments.

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