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Several readers have sent us information about their sites. Please continue to tell us about your own material. Here's a brief round-up of pointers we've received recently, and I'm sure we'll be returning to most of these sites for a closer look during the coming months ...

Robert Jordahl

From Lake Charles in Louisiana, USA, composer Robert Jordahl sent us this message with just the link below -- no other comments! When can we hear some samples of your music online, Robert? I couldn't find any on your website, but at least we know what you look like, now, and can see a list of your compositions.

Jan Järvlepp

If you read M&V regularly (or have looked back through our news items), you'll have seen our news item last year about Ottawa-based composer Jan Järvlepp's Garbage concerto (a percussion ensemble concerto in which the solo instruments are constructed from 'recycled garbage objects'). Jan contacted us again recently, with news of his album Flights of Fancy (consisting of Pierrot Solaire, Saxophone Quartet, Trio No 2, Tarantella, Robot Dance and Overture), from which three generously long and enjoyable MP3 format soundbites are on offer via the link below.


Angela Lear

British pianist Angela Lear wrote recently about Chopin for M&V. Real Audio extracts from her own CD cycle The Original Chopin are available online, currently from volumes 3, 4 and 5. Look out for more samples from discs 1 and 2, which should be posted shortly.

Mona Lisa Sound

'We are the publishing affiliate of The Hampton String Quartet, the best selling string quartet in history, Grammy nominated and Juilliard trained. We publish fine quality print music specializing in rock string quartet arrangements (Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the like) ... Our sheet music is of the highest technical and musical quality and we offer discounts to educational institutions. Please visit the website, listen to the samples and check out the music and artwork. We think you will like what you see and hear. Thanks, Janna Glasser'

Alex Shapiro

'Greetings! I'm a composer in the Los Angeles area, and I've greatly enjoyed Music & Vision over the past year. Inspired by your current article on composer's websites, I'd like to invite you to visit mine, which I've programmed myself and update each week. In addition to the usual full biography and catalog of works, I include Real Audio clips, scores samples and program notes of each of my pieces, and my scores can be purchased directly from the site, as well. Oh yes, and in the no longer shameless realm of self promotion, I also include a few short essays on my musings about music and listeners for anyone who cares to read them. I hope you enjoy my site, and keep up the great work with M&V!'

Rivka Stern

Israeli composer, pianist, guitarist and singer Rivka Stern sent the address of her website. I couldn't initially find any sound here, but there's definitely downloadable music available from her site at Not easy to find via the site below -- you have to click on the album cover from the CD page.


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