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A new sense of purpose?

Have you caught a new sense of purpose in the music industry? The major players are no longer shuffling the old ideas around but evaluating the new with the intention of continuous improvement. Leaders of the international publishing world shook off the dust of the old as they began manipulating the technology of the new.

Entrepreneurial groups such as Sibelius are pushing ahead so that sheet music facilities take advantage of the technological race and its strengthening links with a world of music marketing We notice the pace quickening, almost weekly rather than monthly.

Hopefully, through all this we shall remain steadfast to the vision of Music as one of the most sublime arts known to Man (and Woman). As we nip around pushing buttons hoping for the highest of hifi, equipment gets smaller and shatteringly hitech. It is possible, after all, to make such a fuss over the means that the intermediary functions overshadow the true goal.

Fortunately, no excess of misfiring ideas need clog the path. It can guide our true understanding of music and admit the genuine seekers of the true art of listening Yet even here on the brink we so easily admit distractions to tempt us yet again, and a receptive state of being slips away. At last, if we are patient with ourselves, senses draw the music in to nourish our whole being.

To attempt explanation to those who rather tetchily deny such an experience is futile. Until the small miracle is enacted within our own experience, the gap between harsh reality and musical sounds is immoveable. Admittedly, we can only speak of our personal understanding, yet this delicate subtlety provides an enormous range of experiences akin to Life itself.


Copyright © 19 April 2001 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK



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