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CD Information

William Boyce
David's Lamentation over Saul and Jonathan

Work details

Boyce: David's Lamentation over Saul and Jonathan (Dublin version, 1744)
4'34"/1'55"/5'23"/1'18"/3'24"/1'25"/2'09"/1'28"/2'15"/0'46"/3'12"/0'26"/2'33"/ 1'39"/4'52"/ 0'21"/3'50"/1'57"/2'39"/2'14" - TT 49'00
Ode on St Cecilia's Day 'The Charms of Harmony Display' (Vidal)
1'47"/4'29"/2'47"/2'43"/3'49"/5'14"/2'17" - TT 23'06"
David's Lamentation (extracts from the London version, 1736)
3'52"/0'22"/4'04" - TT 8'18"


Artist details

Patrick Burrowes, boy soprano
William Purefoy, alto
Andrew Watts, counter tenor
Richard Edgar-Wilson, tenor
Michael George, bass-baritone

Harpsichord continuo:
Timothy Roberts
, harpsichord
Katherine Sharman, cello
Timothy Lyons, doublebass

The Choir of New College, Oxford
The Hanover Band
Graham Lea-Cox
, conductor


Recording details

Recording dates: 28-30 May, 1-3 June 1999
Venue: The Old Market, Hove, UK
Producer: Martin Compton
Engineer: Mike Clements
Copyright: 2000 ASV Ltd
Pressing: 2000 ASV Ltd

ASV CD GAU 208 DDD Stereo
TT - 79'58"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Robert J Bruce and Graham Lea-Cox (in English)
French translation: Isabelle Battioni
German translation: Elke Davies
Front Cover: David Playing the harp: detail from organ case (18th century French) at Chateau de Versailles, France, courtesy of Giraudon/Bridgeman Art Library
Design: Studio B, The Creative People
Music Research Assistant: Martin Deasy
Credits: Bodleian Library, Oxford, The Librarians of the Royal College of Music, London, John Scott, Organist and Master of Choristers, and the Dean and Chapter, St Paul's Cathedral, London, Dr Edward Higginbottom, Director, Choir of New College, Oxford, The Warden and Fellows of New College, Oxford
Harpsichord and Organ supplied by Maurice Cochrane, tuned to A=415 (Equal Temperament)


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