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The little-known Slavický,

Studio Matous    MK 0051-2 931

Milan Slavický Chamber Music (c) 1999 Studio Matous


The Czech composer Milan Slavický was born in Prague in 1947 to a musical family. His father was a pupil of Suk, and his respective grandfathers studied with Dvorák and Janácek. It's not unexpected therefore that there would be a follow-on.

We in the UK know Slavický's name. I was none too sure about his music, and looked to this record from the Czech Republic for an introduction. First and foremost the music is tightly sprung, therefore tense and dramatic [listen -- track 2, 3:42-4:20]. Colour comes into the equation, although shades of grey to equate the tension. Slavický blends and activates his ideas and their fulfilment [listen -- track 8, 4:43-5:40] within strict parameters, giving the listener a constantly shifting and developing scenario. I've found it a fascinating experience. The performances appear to give the music every chance of speaking out.


Copyright © 16 May 2001 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK





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