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The Editor gently ruminates


It seems to me the speed of each quarterly period gathers yet more momentum -- I have comic visions of M&V's staff (all two of us) hurtling off the planet, each clutching a typewriter and tape recorder to send you back our impressions of whatever space music reaches our ears in earth/mortal fashion or absorbs us into some rogue musical missile from the pen of a fashionable cartoonist.

Whatever comes of it, we both would find some way of sending you news of music in space, or if we found an emergency exit we might even float back to earth Mary Poppins' fashion clutching an umbrella. Our experiences would attract enough interest and income to transform Music & Vision into what it is not, and what it should not be. Which is very unlikely, thank goodness, when we have such a good panel of writers. They form the nucleus of our success.

Over this last quarterly period our regulars have provided, as ever, excellent articles and reviews from disparate parts of the globe, which gradually builds into a fascinating chronicle of musical events of all description, as our regular readers find stimulating. In that building process is also evident the vastness of the musical world, and the countless sections that contribute to the almost endless variety.

Our door is never shut to writers with musical knowledge, writing experience, and enthusiasm, from whatever spot on the globe they may be. So my invitation worldwide is for those people who find music an integral part of their lives and have experiences of it in any situation where musicians play and music lovers listen. Firstly, please send an introductory message, and we'll respond quickly. Please do not hesitate: we thrive on music, and writers who enjoy writing about various aspects of it.

Copyright © 6 July 2001 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK




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