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CD Information

Albéniz: Iberia - Pola Baytelman, piano

Work details

Vol 1

Albéniz: Iberia
Albéniz: Pavana-capricho, Op 12

Vol 2

Ginastera: Milonga
Ginastera: Malambo
Ginastera: Danzas Argentinas


Artist details

Pola Baytelman, piano


Recording details

Recording dates: Not known
Venue: St Peter's Church, Chelsea, New York, USA
Executive Producer: Natalia Rodriguez
Producer: Joanna Nickrenz
Recording Engineer: Marc Aubort
Production Coordinator: Penelope Prosperi
Editing and mastering: Elite Recordings Inc
Copyright: 2001 Elan Recordings
Pressing: 2001 Elan Recordings

Elan 82288 DDD Stereo
TT - not known


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Pola Baytelman


Purchase details


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