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Rebel Planet

Work details

Jerry Gerber: Symphony No 4 for the Virtual Orchestra (2000)
11'19"/5'20"/7'14"/10'52" - TT 34'45"
Jerry Gerber: Prelude (1980)
Jerry Gerber: Fugue (1980)
Jerry Gerber: Sonata for Virtual Cello & Piano (1982)
6'45"/10'24" - TT 17'09"


Artist details

Virtual Orchestra - see below


Recording details

Recording dates: not specified
Venue: not specified
Engineer: Jerry Gerber
Mastering: Jerry Gerber
Copyright: 2001 Ottava Records
Pressing: 2001 Ottava Records
Sound generation: Emu 6400 Ultra and E6400 samplers, Gigastudio sampler, Emu Proteus 2 sound module, Roland JV1080 sound modules
Sample Libraries: Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra, Miroslav Vitous String Ensemble, Symphony of Voices, Dan Dean Solo Strings
Mixing Console: Tascam M2600-24
Monitoring: Mackie HR 824s, Sony MDR-7506
Signal Processing: Yamaha Pro R3 Reverberation
Computer & Software: Pentium II-333 128MB RAM, Pentium II-600 128MB RAM, Layla digital audio interface, Darla24 digital audio interface, Opcode Studio 128x MIDI interface, Cakewalk Pro Audio MIDI/audio recording software, Sound Forge audio editing software, DSP-FX equalization & optimization, CD Architect compact disc mastering software, Yamaha CDR 102 compact disc recorder

Ottava 01-005 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 55'16"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Jerry Gerber (in English)
Cover Art: Chuck Thurston
Artist photo: not credited
Graphic Design: Martha Murray
Credits: Album dedicated to Lisa


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