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Vintage Woodwinds
Saeculum Aureum Players

Work details

Felix Mendelssohn: Konzertstück No 1 for Clarinet, Basset Horn and Piano in F minor Op 113
2'50"/3'01"/2'54" - TT 8'46"
Felix Mendelssohn: Konzertstück No 2 for Clarinet, Basset Horn and Piano in D minor Op 114
2'08"/2'47"/3'52" - TT 8'49"
Giovanni Simone Mayr: Bagattèlle a tre for Flute, Clarinet and Basset Horn
2'36"/1'34"/6'39"/3'27"/1'59"/1'41"/2'25"/3'50"/2'01"/3'48"/6'19"/6'14" - TT 43'00"


Artist details

Saeculum Aureum Players:

Richard Spece
, clarinet
William McColl, basset horn
Jeffrey Cohan, flute
Bonnie Garrett, fortepiano


Recording details

Recording dates: not specified
Venue: not specified
Recording Producer: John Gibbs
Assistant producer: Mary Kantor
Recording Engineer: Gary Louie
Master Tape Engineers: John Gibbs, Gary Louie and Sonny Ausman
Copyright: not specified
Pressing: 2000 Crystal Records Inc

Crystal CD738 Stereo


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: William McColl (in English)
Cover Photograph: Duncan McColl
Artist photos: not credited
Folder design: Peter Christ


Purchase details



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