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CD Information

Enchanted Land - Michael Mauldin

Work details

Michael Mauldin: High Places (1981)
Michael Mauldin: Three Jemez Landscapes ('Fantasy on a Huron Carol') (1973)
2'15"/3'07"/3'49" - TT 9'11"
Michael Mauldin: Dawn at San Juan Mesa (1995)
Michael Mauldin: Enchanted Land - suite for narrator and orchestra (1976)
2'29"/4'18"/4'35"/4'16"/3'26" - TT 19'04"
Michael Mauldin: Fajada Butte: An Epiphany (1983)


Artist details

Kathleen Church, narrator
The New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
Michael Mauldin
, conductor


Recording details

Recording dates: not specified
Venue: not specified
Recording Engineer: Eric Richardson
Editor: Mixing: Eric Richardson
Copyright: Michael Mauldin
Pressing: Michael Mauldin

Michael Mauldin Stereo


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Michael Mauldin (in English)
Front Cover: Michael Mauldin and his son Kendall at the Rio Grande, by Malcolm Blazer
Back Cover: Pueblo Bonito at Chaco Canyon, by Don Heath
Artist photos: not credited
CD Art Design: Michael Vittitow
Publishers: Neil A Kjos Music Company (High Places); M Mauldin (other pieces)
Credits: Dedicated to the author James Redfield


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