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Lior Navok - Meditations Over Shore

Work details

Lior Navok: The Spanish Songs (1998)
Two Poems for Antonio Machado
for soprano, bassoon and chamber orchestra
Monica Garcia-Albea, soprano
Minako Taguchi, bassoon
Chamber orchestra conducted by Lior Navok

4'40"/6'11" - 10'53"

Lior Navok: V5 - Quintet for Vibraphone and String Quartet (1994)
Mathew Masie, vibraphone
Miguel Pérez-Espejo, violin
Ayako Gamo, violin
Katherine Vincent, viola
Damien Ventula, violoncello

4'35"/2'01"/3'17"/2'48"/5'21" - TT 18'02"

Lior Navok: The Sea of Sunset (1997)
Jennifer Ashe, soprano
Tucker Dulin, trombone
Michael Bullock, double bass
Lior Navok, piano


Lior Navok: Remembrances of Jerusalem (1995)
Prelude and Variations for guitar
William Riley, guitar


Lior Navok: Meditations Over Shore (1997)
for solo quartet, double chamber chorus, large double chorus, harmonica, percussion and piano
Sun Ae Ko, soprano
Jayne Flores, alto
Michael McCown, tenor
David Howse, bass
Mike Turk, harmonica
Eliko Akahori, piano
Jessica Cooper, percussion
Timur Rubinshteyn, percussion
New England Conservatory Chorus and Chamber Singers
Tamara Brooks, conductor



Artist details

as above


Recording details

Recording dates: 22 April 1998 (Meditations Over Shore); not specified (other works)
Venues: not specified (other works)
Producer: Lior Navok
Recording Engineer: Patrick Keating (Remembrances of Jerusalem); Kyle Wesloh (other works)
Editing: Kyle Wesloh
Mastering: James Donahue
Copyright: 2001, Lior Navok
Pressing: 2001, NLP Records

NLP Records 6 00665 76972 6 Stereo NEW RELEASE


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Lior Navok (in English)
Front Cover: Photograph by Hoppeo
Artist photo: Patricia Schmitt (Lior Navok)
Graphic Design: Hoppeo
Credits: The performers, Lior Navok's parents, Hilla Navok, Vincere Sylph, Sally Millar, Lisa Nigris, the NEC Audio Department and the US Coast Guard's 'Willow'


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