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two flutes (flute duos and trios)

Work details

Johann Sebastian Bach: Trio Sonata in G major for Two Flutes and continuo BWV 1039
3'19"/3'29"/2'15"/2'48" - TT 11'51"
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Duo for Two Flutes No 4 in F major
4'39"/4'32"/2'25" - TT 11'36"
Friedrich Kuhlau: Trio in G major for Two Flutes and Piano Op 119
8'28"/3'48"/5'29" - TT 17'45"
Giulio Briccialdi: Duo Concertant for Two Flutes in F Major Op 100 No 2
5'26"/3'54"/5'56" - TT 15'16"
Albert Franz and Karl Doppler: Rigoletto fantasie Op 38 for Two Flutes and Piano
3'23"/1'00"/1'39"/1'32"/2'29" - TT 10'03"


Artist details

Peter-Lukas Graf, flute
Gaby Pas-Van Riet, flute
Bruno Canino, piano


Recording details

Recording dates: 17-18 April 2000
Venue: SWR Studio, Stuttgart, Germany
Recording Producers: Thomas Angelkorte and Michael Sandner
Recording Engineers: Friedemann Trumpp and Wolfgang Rein
Editing: Anita Schumacher and Richard Sauer
Copyright: 2001 Claves Records
Pressing: 2001 Claves Records

Claves CD 50-2006 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Sibylle Ehrismann (in German)
English translation: Mark Manion
French translation: Anne Wölfli-Keller
Cover graphics: Christoph Dütschler, Berne
Cover illustration: Gustav Klimt, detail taken from 'Hygieia'
Artists photo: not credited (Bruno Canino, Gaby Pas-Van Riet and Peter-Lukas Graf)
Booklet supervision, layout and design: Mark Manion, Berne
A co-production with Südwestrundfunk Stuttgart


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