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Hugh Flynn's Wexford Symphony -
investigated by GORDON RUMSON

''Perhaps some future anti-ravers will take up this work ...' '

Hugh Flynn: Wexford Symphony (c) 1999 Hugh Flynn


Music is capable of engendering in the listener a wide range of emotions. Disraeli said music can make a million march off to war or fall to their knees in prayer. We actually place limits upon which emotions we allow music to produce in us. Irritation for instance. Boredom. We don't like those. But, in all honesty if we say music should speak to our emotions we should be careful not to limit the possibilities.

Hugh Flynn's Wexford Symphony, here realized by MIDI synthesis (the fate of orchestral works in an age when conductors repeat the same 10 pieces by the same 5 composers), produces the emotion ... of puzzlement.

What is going on here? Why does this, that or the other thing happen? Where is it going, how did I get here and where did it start? Where will it end and will I understand it all then?

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Copyright © 20 October 2001 Gordon Rumson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada






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