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G Ph Telemann: Concertos, unknown works

Work details

Concerto for oboe d'amore, strings and continuo in E minor TWV 51:e2 (first release on CD)
2'40"/1'46"/2'01" - TT 6'27"
Concerto for viola, strings and continuo in G major TWV 51:G9
3'26"/2'25"/4'03"/3'15" - TT 13'09"
Concerto for two violins, two horns, strings and continuo in D major TWV 52:D4 (first release on CD)
2'11"/1'26"/2'11" - TT 5'48"
Concerto for violin, strings and continuo in A major, TWV 51:A4 'The Pond Frogs' (first release on CD)
4'55"/3'35"/2'49" - TT 11'19"
Concerto for two violettas (violas), strings and continuo in G major, TWV 52:G3
2'09"/1'39"/1'36"/1'26" - TT 6'50"
Concerto for two violins, strings and continuo in B flat major TWV 52:B2 (first release on CD)
1'54"/2'23"/2'02"/2'00" - TT 8'19"
Concerto for violin, strings and continuo in G major, TWV 51:G6 (first release on CD)
1'41"/1'46"/1'40"/1'55" - TT 7'02"
Concerto for two horns, strings and continuo in F major, TWV 52:F4 (first release on CD)
0'46"/1'50"/1'43"/3'15" - TT 7'34"


Artist details

Albrecht Mayer, oboe d'amore
Wolfram Christ, viola
Rainer Kussmaul, violin
Bernhard Forck, violin
Stefan Dohr, horn
Georg Schreckenberger, horn
Tanja Christ, viola
Berliner Barock Solisten
Rainer Kussmaul
, director


Recording details

Recording dates: January and May 2001
Venue: Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin Dahlem, Germany
Producer: Christian Feldgen
Balance Engineer: Christian Feldgen
Editing: Christian Feldgen
Copyright: 2001 EMI Records Ltd
Pressing: 2001 EMI Records Ltd

EMI 5 57232 2 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Raimar Orlovsky, Ulrike Feld and Christiane Hoffmann (in German)
English translations: Clive Williams
French translations: Christian Hinzelin
Design and Layout: Christine Schweitzer
Booklet editor: Christine Schweitzer
Credits: A coproduction with DeutschlandRadio


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