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CD Information

Organ Master Series - Volume Two - Gillian Weir

Work details

Anon ed Pierre Attaignant: Six Dances
0'53"/0'50"/0'55"/1'11"/1'10"/0'45" - TT 5'30"
J S Bach: Partita sopra 'Sei gegrüsset, Jesu gütig'
1'04"/2'33"/1'05"/0'34"/1'02"/1'04"/1'12"/1'35"/1'12"/1'11"/4'01"/1'36" - TT 18'02"
Franz Xaver Schnizer: Sonata No 1 in C major
2'32"/3'07"/1'58"/2'45" - TT 10'12"
W A Mozart: Fantasia in F minor
Paul Hindemith: Sonata No 2 for organ
3'36"/3'50"/2'33" - TT 9'49"
Jean Françaix: Suite Carmelite
1'30"/1'35"/0'34"/1'27"/0'40"/1'27" - TT 7'07"
Jean Françaix: Suite Profane
2'41"/2'02"/2'53"/2'39"/2'51" - TT 13'09"


Artist details

Gillian Weir, organ


Recording details

Recording dates: 25-26 March 2001
Venue: Lawrence Phelps Organ of Hexham Abbey, Northumberland, UK
Executive Producer: Callum Ross
Producer: William Robson
Engineer: Neil Collier
Digital Editing: Paul Crichton
Copyright: 2001 Priory Records Ltd
Pressing: 2001 Priory Records Ltd

Priory PRCD 752 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Gillian Weir, Burton Tidwell and Ron Lane (in English)
Front Cover: The Lawrence Phelps Organ, photo © R J L Smith and Associates
Artist photos: de Christopher Studios
Production and Design: Caroline Paschalides


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