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La Valse for Piano Duet

Work details

Debussy transcr Ravel: Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune
Bizet: Jeux d'enfants Op 22
Ravel: Ma mère l'Oye
Ravel transcr Lucien Garban: La Valse


Artist details

Philip Moore and Simon Crawford-Phillips, piano duet


Recording details

Recording dates: 26-27 February 2001
Venue: St George's, Bristol, UK
Recording Producer: Jonathan Stracey
Recording Engineer: Colin Rae
Copyright: 2001 Deux-Elles Ltd
Pressing: 2001 Deux-Elles Ltd

Deux-Elles DXL 1040 Stereo NEW RELEASE


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Howard Greenwood (in English)
French translation: Florence Grammond
German translation: Cornelia Schnelle
Front Cover: Photo of Philip Moore and Simon Crawford-Phillips by Tina Foster
Booklet editor: Keri Dexter


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