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CD Information

Günter Wand - Bruckner Symphony No 8

Work details

Vol 1

Allegro moderato
Scherzo (Allegro moderato) and Trio (Langsam)

Vol 2

Adagio (Feierlich langsam, doch nicht schleppend)
Finale (Feierlich, nicht schnell)


Artist details

Berliner Philharmoniker
Günter Wand
, conductor


Recording details

Recording dates: 19-22 January 2001
Venue: Berlin Philharmonie, Germany (live recording)
Executive Producer: Stefan Mikorey
Producer: Gerald Götze
Recording Engineer: Christian Feldgen
Copyright: 2001 BMG Entertainment
Pressing: 2001 BMG Entertainment

BMG Classics 74321 82866 2 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE (2 CDs)
33'10"/53'57" - TT 87'07"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Wolfgang Seifert (in German)
English translation: J & M Berridge
French translation: Geneviève Bégou
Front Cover: Photo of Günter Wand by Ludwig Schirmer
Design: Qd Design
Publishers: Alkor-Edition Kassel
Credits: Realised by kind permission of Teldec Classics International GmbH, Hamburg


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