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A J Potter: Orchestral Music

Work details

Finnegan's Wake
Fantasia Gaelach No 1 (1952)
Variations on a Popular Tune (1956)
Overture to a Kitchen Comedy (1936)
Sinfonia 'De Profundis' (1968)


Artist details

National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland
Robert Houlihan
, conductor


Recording details

Recording dates: 3-4 June 1999
Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland
Producer and Engineer: Chris Craker
Copyright: 2001 HNH International Ltd
Pressing: 2001 HNH International Ltd

Marco Polo 8.225158 DDD NEW RELEASE


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Sarah M Burn (in English)
French translation: Jeremy Drake
German translation: Bernd Delfs
Cover picture: 'Cathedral Rocks' by Paul Henry (Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin)
Publishers: RTE Music Ltd (Finnegan's Wake); Wedderburn Music (Sinfonia)


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