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Univers Zéro: Crawling Wind

Work details

D Denis: Toujours plus à l'est
A Kirk: Before the Heat
Univers Zéro: Central Belgium in the Dark
A Kirk: Influences
D Denis/A Kirk: Triomphe des Mouches
D Denis: Complainte


Artist details

Univers Zéro


Recording details

Recording dates: 1979-1984
Venues: Belgium and Germany
Copyright: 2001 Daniel Denis
Pressing: 2001 Cuneiform Records

Cuneiform RUNE 155 Stereo REISSUE


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Dean Suzuki (in English)
Front Cover: photo: 'In the Cloister' by André Kertész
Artists' photo: Christian Genet
Design: Bill Elsworth
Typesetting: Calligraphy: Kyösen Suzuki
Release coordination: Steven Feigenbaum


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