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Rued Langgaard: Symphonies 9-11

Work details

Symphony No 9 'From Queen Dagmar's City' BVN 282 (1942)
Symphony No 10 'Yon Hall of Thunder' BVN 298 (1944-45)
Symphony No 11 'Ixion' BNV 303 (1944-45)


Artist details

Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Dausgaard
, conductor


Recording details

Recording dates: 7-8 April 1999 (No 9); 12-13 January 2001 (No 10); 23 June 1999 (No 11)
Venue: Danmarks Radio, Denmark
Recording Producers: Michael Pedersen (No 9 and 11) and Preben Iwan (No 10)
Sound Engineer: Jørn Jacobsen
Editing engineer: Preben Iwan
Copyright: 2001 Dacapo Records, Copenhagen
Pressing: 2001 Dacapo Records, Copenhagen

dacapo 8.224182 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Bendt Viinholt Nielsen (in Danish)
English translation: James Manley
German translation: Monika Wesemann
Cover picture: J F Willumsen: 'Himmelgåden' (1938)
Sources: Langgaard Edition for Symphony No 10
Publishers: Edition Samfundet
Credits: Financial support from Langgaard-Fonden; Recorded in cooperation with Danmarks Radio


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