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Justin Connolly - Night Thoughts

Work details

Sonatina No 2: Ennead Op 26 (2000)
Nicolas Hodges, piano

Nocturnal Op 33 (1991)
Nancy Ruffer, flutes
Nicolas Hodges, pianos
Corrado Canonici, double bass
Julian Warburton, percussion

Tesserae F: 'Domination in Black' Op 15f (1999)
Andrew Sparling, bass clarinet

Scardanelli Dreams Op 37 (1997-8)
Sue Anderson, mezzo-soprano
Nicolas Hodges, piano


Artist details

as above


Recording details

Recording dates: 19 June 2000 (Sonatina); 31 January and 1 February 2000 (other pieces)
Venue: St George's, Brandon Hill, Bristol, UK
Executive Producer: David Lefeber
Producers: Nicolas Hodges and Justin Connolly
Engineer: Paul Hodges, Cassland Recordings
Editing: Paul Hodges, Cassland Recordings
Copyright: 2001 Metier Sound & Vision
Pressing: 2001 Metier Sound & Vision

Metier MSV CD92046 DDD Stereo


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Justin Connolly (in English)
Front Cover: William Blake © The British Museum, photo Alix MacSweeney
Publishers: Novello (Op 15f, Op 26 and Op 33)
Credits: Funded by the Britten-Pears Foundation and the Worshipful Company of Musicians


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