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CD Information

César Cui: 25 Preludes Op 64

Work details

Prelude No 1 in C major: Allegro maestoso
Prelude No 2 in E minor: Moderato assai
Prelude No 3 in G major: Allegro
Prelude No 4 in B minor: Allegro
Prelude No 5 in D major: Allegretto
Prelude No 6 in F sharp minor: Andante
Prelude No 7 in A major: Allegro non troppo
Prelude No 8 in C sharp minor: Allegro
Prelude No 9 in E major: Andantino
Prelude No 10 in G sharp minor: Allegro non troppo
Prelude No 11 in B major: Allegretto
Prelude No 12 in E flat minor: Allegretto
Prelude No 13 in F sharp major: Andante
Prelude No 14 in B flat minor: Moderato
Prelude No 15 in D flat major: Andantino
Prelude No 16 in F minor: Andantino
Prelude No 17 in A flat major: Larghetto
Prelude No 18 in C minor: Allegretto
Prelude No 19 in E flat major: Allegretto
Prelude No 20 in G minor: Allegro non troppo
Prelude No 21 in B flat major: Allegro
Prelude No 22 in D minor: Lento
Prelude No 23 in F major: Allegro non troppo
Prelude No 24 in A minor: Moderato
Prelude No 25 in C major: Allegro non troppo


Artist details

Jeffrey Biegel, piano


Recording details

Recording dates: 16-18 September 1992
Venue: Orum Hall, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA
Producer: RMC Classical Music
Editing: RMC Classical Music
Copyright: 2002 HNH International Ltd
Pressing: 1993 HNH International Ltd

Naxos 8.555557 DDD Stereo REISSUE


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Ates Orga (in English)
French translation: Pierre-Martin Juban
German translation: Bernd Delfs
Front Cover: Image: 'Wet Meadow' (1872) by Fedor Aleksandrovich (1850-1873), Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia / Bridgeman Art Library


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