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Ancient and modern


Preparing to be absurd


Having spent the major part of my life in music, I have repeatedly found myself in natural gravitation to an appropriate musical mood when friction between incidents in daily living and natural responses springs up. I tread dangerous ground, for normal reaction would surely bring instant denouncement to this apparently absurd notion.

As this is a mere ramble I'm prepared to be absurd, although it is folly to be even faintly dogmatic. I believe that this thought of musical comparisons in unlikely situations first struck me when I was mentally freewheeling against a background of sensible but uninspiring music on radio. The likelihood of such a situation I decided was not just 'unlikely' but more than likely on a regular basis.

This simply accepted the fact that dull music exists in much greater quantity than interesting music -- which I believe, given the desire, could provide a mountain of useless data.

The sensible answer to this casts dull music into oblivion, but evades the subjective response that 'dull' can still be emotive and defined in a million ways. This presents a viable reason for deciding that each of us has a personal basis for qualifying our reaction to music. In other words, stop fussing and get on with the listening. There's only one person to please and a stupefying quantity of music that came from a heart, and looks for hearts to complete its journey. The rest is history, ancient and modern.


Copyright © 11 April 2002 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK




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