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There are some stylised but quite funny mimes of sexual frustration and a good bit of stage business involving a dance with multi-coloured plastic buckets that has a 'down Mexico way' or Copland-in Cuba feel. The women who taunt the hapless chaps did need, however, rather more directional variety than the constant wriggling and arm-waving that became as tiresome to watch as it must have been tiring to perform.

There is a moment of self-referential parody when the Magistrate arrives to the music of Theodorakis' setting of, onetime fellow political exile, Pablo Neruda's Canto General and has to be stopped in his tracks. Those 'in the know' thought it a hoot. A self-deprecatory shrug of ignorance had to do for the rest of us.

Daphne Evangelatos (Lysistrata) and Zachos Terzakis (The Magistrate) in the 2002 production of 'Lysistrata'


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