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Editor BASIL RAMSEY considers the part played by music
during occasions of national mourning


Yet again this week music has played a prominent part in British national mourning, this time for the passing of the late Queen Mother, a remarkable lady who played a considerable part in the conduct of the Royal Family since 1937. This act of respect from people young or old rose so naturally that many accept it with little thought for its basic elements.

As music lovers, those likely to read these words know that our art is essential for providing gravitas on occasions where feelings may be deeply moved. There is no other artform so likely to create such powerful motivation within our minds.

Solemnity is frequently confused with dullness. Its qualities are the very reverse -- positive, caring, and mindful of strength within. As we here endeavour to place music as an overwhelming contribution to any sense of occasion, it begs a thoughtful response.

Copyright © 7 April 2002 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK




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