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Beautiful and convincing

Music by Piero Milesi for films,
installations, water and fireworks -
enjoyed by KEITH BRAMICH

'... three boats move gently upstream, the river bridges providing ... barriers for the different sonorities ...'

Piero Milesi: Within Himself. © 2000 Cuneiform Records


This compilation disc forms an interesting introduction to the installation and film music of contemporary Italian composer Piero Milesi, who produces traditional sounding works, easy on the ear, from conventional forces with some electronics. The album title, Within Himself, gives some clue to the introverted feel of much of this music.

So Soggy (1992-98) from Concerto per il Solstizio d'Estate (Sola Cabiati Park, Gorgonzola, Milan, 1992) is a slow, classical sounding piece for piano, keyboards, fretless bass and cello in three movements, convincing and rather beautiful. The composer's expressive piano playing begins the first movement, punctuated by the subtle bass of Pier Michelatti. The second movement features Silvio Righini on cello, beginning and ending with an Elgar-like chord [listen -- track 1, 2:20-3:34]. Milesi's piano returns in the extended third movement, with a mostly electronic backing track.

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Copyright © 8 May 2002 Keith Bramich, Tokyo, Japan




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