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Two tracks are from Fiume di Musica (River of Music), a 'wandering concert on the Tiber' produced by Milesi and Daniele Abbado for the opening of the 1993 Roma Europa Festival. In Volta Riflessi [listen -- track 2, 2:52-3:55], three boats move gently upstream, the river bridges providing natural boundaries between and barriers for the different sonorities, which range from church bells, tarantella and African rhythms to fireworks. A beautiful concept, this, working well, aurally.

Fuochi sul Tevere from the same festival is the most up-beat piece on the disc -- synthesised music and sound effects bordering on pop.

Rather scanty booklet information, but nicely presented.

Copyright © 8 May 2002 Keith Bramich, Tokyo, Japan



Piero Milesi - Within Himself

Rune 133 Stereo 50'17" 2000 Cuneiform Records

Piero Milesi, piano, keyboards and programming; Silvio Righini, cello; Pier Michelatti, fretless bass; Luca Scarzella, sound effects; Paolo Fresu, trumpet; Pier Luigi Castellano, keyboard; Antonio Caggiano, percussion; Emilio Galante, flutes; Danilo Cherni, keyboard; Gian Luca Ruggeri, percussion; Eugenio Colombo, saxophone; Daniel Bacalov, keyboard; Fulvio Maras, percussion
Music for films, installations, water and fireworks : So Soggy; Volti Riflessi; Avanti la Tre; Dentro di Sé; Fuochi sul Tevere



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