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Volume seven of Priory's
Complete English Hymnal -

'... I love this recording and congratulate Harry Bramma and his perfect and sympathetic organist Andrew Arthur ...'

The Complete English Hymnal Volume Seven. © 2001 Priory Records Ltd

It could be considered almost reactionary in these times to review a CD of hymns for a magazine which is very broad in its concept; such things are usually reserved for Choir and Organ for example. But of course hymn singing and church music generally is such a core part of English heritage and tradition and to ignore the fact that Priory have made a brave decision to record the entire New English Hymnal would be like ignoring the complete Bach cantatas.

In any case, receiving this disc for review was a pure delight, not least for the fact that I reside in Japan and finding church music of any kind is quite a task. But the joy was even greater for the fact that for the first spine-tingling thirty minutes or so of listening I could virtually feel and smell All Saints Church, that Butterfield gem in central London so revered by anglo catholics, not least myself. To experience High Mass in this wonderful place uplifted and surrounded by folk of real faith leaves one haunted: I shall not forget the first time I went about twenty years ago, the gentle perfection of the ceremonial, Mozart's Missa Brevis and incense rising together, the deep organ with its glorious swell.

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Copyright © 5 June 2002 Adrian Williams, Ikoma City, Nara, Japan


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