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CD Spotlight

A born musician

Appreciating the viola d'amore playing
of Thomas Georgi -

'His interpretative skills are as palpitating as the sympathetic strings of his chosen instrument ...'

Many Strings Attached. Eighteenth Century Music for Viola d'Amore. © 2000 Thomas Georgi

Everything is music for the born musician.
Everything that throbs, or moves
or stirs, or palpitates ... everything that is, is music; all that is
needed is that it should be heard.

- Romain Rolland (1866-1944), French writer, music critic, Nobel Prize winner in Literature, 1915

That Thomas Georgi is a born musician; there can be no doubt. His interpretative skills are as palpitating as the sympathetic strings of his chosen instrument, the viola d'amore. Indeed what is needed is that this wonderful instrument should be heard! It really is a tragedy that some of the most glorious instrumental voices of the Baroque have become rarities today.

This CD is surely the culmination of many years of loving research, presented with beautiful photographic illustrations of the instruments used in its recording and informative texts. Georgi's brilliant interpretative finesse in skilful performance is a delight throughout.

Leopold Mozart is quoted in the CD booklet as having said; 'It is a distinctive kind of fiddle, which sounds especially charming in the stillness of the evening'.

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Copyright © 16 June 2002 Jennifer Paull, Vouvry, Switzerland


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