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When Morning Stars Begin to Fall is an effective piece because of the trajectory the work takes -- opening quietly and subtly with the whirring and racheting sounds of celestial mechanics and building slowly to an absolutely ecstatic climax. The piece is loosely inspired by a few Southern folk melodies and an original poem. The organic development over the course of the entire work is memorable and exciting [listen -- track 12, 8:28-9:25].

The work on the disc least like the others is the five movement symphony for chamber orchestra entitled In Autumn Days. This work is also the earliest composition included, and it shows the influence of minimalism on Locklair's style most strongly of any of the works. The orchestration of this work is particularly colorful -- with the ensemble piano being used in effective ways.

A minor quibble with the music on this recording (and something that is often true of Locklair's 'fast music') is a certain 'sameness' which different pieces possess. The energetic rhythmic pulsing and the asymmetrical rhythmic groupings which Locklair employs are both individual and exciting, but can make the pieces 'blend together' in the ear, since the techniques are used in similar ways in all the works. Also, for example, all of the six works on this disc end in the same way: with a build up to a fortissimo full orchestra chord followed by an orchestral hit.

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