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Convention isn't everything. In fact, it can destroy that sparkle, which makes Art fizz. Apap proclaims himself a musician in spite of his musical education. So do I. He learned by listening and that shows in his every note. I don't think I can draw one single parallel with another performer; his ear is simply off the Richter scale. His rhythm and technique would have guaranteed Excommunication in early nineteenth century Europe. Any fate for Paganini would be a fate for Apap. He is a sort of Pegasus comet flying free in outer space upon the canvass of the night sky, any measurement of which is impossible to those relying upon a radar-screen harnessed to Earth's atmosphere and the stirrups of convention.

The titles flashed past at the end of the programme, and with them, an URL. I turned my exhausted computer back on again, coaxing it back to life with of the spurs of my excitement, and whipped off a letter immediately. I have received information updates regularly, and after a specific request, this present CD for review.

I have since spent a full month wondering how to find words to do it justice, fully aware that the majority of my readers might be 'shocked' by Gilles Apap's unconventional approach (and orchestration). I am not a procrastinator. I have played the CD to my students, to my friends, and everyone without exception has been amazed, enthralled, and totally appreciative [listen -- track 8, 0:46-2:36]. Why? Because this is more than music! Here is originality, brilliance, daring, respect and love, passion and reverence for culture, ALL cultures. If the word polyculture doesn't exist, it should. It needs to be invented for Apap.

The mixture is the sort of ensemble playing that one hardly ever finds, no matter how good the individual musicians. Those who watched or heard Jacqueline du Pré, Barenboïm, Zukerman and the 'gang' playing together, will know what I mean. Here, four musicians are thinking as one, creating as one, and sharing music at such a level of awareness and virtuosity, it is intoxicating. As with those friends who played, bonded together thirty or so years ago, here is real unison of purpose and understanding. One can spend decades without ever finding a parallel torrefaction of heavenly perfumes, celestial spices, or zestfully-flavoured, musical bran mashes. I know I did.

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Copyright © 27 October 2002 Jennifer Paull, Vouvry, Switzerland


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