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Unashamedly romantic

KEITH BRAMICH listens to
'Yellowstone' for violin and orchestra,
by Jett Hitt

Yellowstone Wilderness    91045 91162

Yellowstone for violin and orchestra - music by Jett Hitt (c) 2002 Jett Hitt

If you're lucky enough to take one of Jett Hitt's guided tours of Yellowstone National Park on horseback, the chances are that he'll describe himself as an 'Ozark Mountain Hillbilly' and tell you all about his horse training and photographic activities, about how he comes from a long line of cowboys, and about how his grandfather was locked up in the 1930s for distilling moonshine. What you may not discover is that Arkansas-born Jett Hitt also holds a doctorate in composition.

Spectacular landscapes have a big effect on Jett Hitt, and Yellowstone for violin and orchestra is full of the grandeur of the park's 2.2 million acres, inspired by the composer's close association with the territory and by memories of particular incidents and experiences there.

The music -- a three movement concerto dedicated to Anne-Sophie Mutter -- is unashamedly romantic, with soaring violin melodies. I find it difficult to come to terms with its composition at the very end of the twentieth century (between 1995 and 1999). It would make a super score for some Spielberg cinematic blockbuster [listen -- track 3, 10:41-11:41].

The copious reverb on this recording helps to create the feeling of space, and first class performances by Czech violinist Frantisek Novotny (soloist with the Prague Chamber Orchestra) and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra under their principal guest conductor Kirk Trevor (originally from England), complete the scene.

Copyright © 9 November 2002 Keith Bramich, Worcestershire, UK


Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra

91045 91162 DDD NEW RELEASE 45'40" 2002 Jett Hitt

Frantisek Novotny, violin, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Kirk Trevor, conductor

Jett Hitt: Yellowstone for violin and orchestra - a concerto in three movements (Yellowstone; Dunraven; Hoodoos) (1995-9)


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