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BASIL RAMSEY plus a duo

Barking Dog Records    BDR022

The White Peacock - The Harris-Coates Duo (c) 2002 Barking Dog Records

Flute and guitar as a duo shows its accommodating character and friendship on this CD collection. The Harris-Coates Duo is an integrated unit musically sensitive and performing with the unanimity basic to any good partnership.

The music selected is modern -- given the certainty that Debussy is not yet ancient. The better known composers, apart from Debussy, are Charles T Griffes and Joaquin Rodrigo. Griffes' The White Peacock calls for bassoon to provide a trio, which then displays itself as a well polished, colourful movement assuming nothing more than agreeable conversation. Rodrigo's Serenata comes with much the same qualities.

Daniel Dorff is the most recent to be presented. His Serenade to Eve gently pulses in a relaxed style intended to make the lady smile. On the other hand, Damase's Quatre Facettes on the final track are generally of a strongish character. This collection is contrasted but in no way less than good.

Copyright © 16 November 2002 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK


The White Peacock - The Harris-Coates Duo

BDR022 NEW RELEASE 47'10" 2002 Barking Dog Records

The Harris-Coates Duo: Debora Harris, flute and Mike Coates, guitar; Russell Peterson, bassoon (Griffes)

Andrea Stern (transcr Coates): Mosaic; Salvador Brotons: Tre Divertimenti Op 68; Charles T Griffes (transcr Coates): The White Peacock (1915); Daniel Dorff: Serenade to Eve, After Rodin (1999); Joaquin Rodrigo: Serenata al Alba del Dia (1982); Claude Debussy: Le Petit Berger (1906-8); Claude Debussy: Le Petit Negre (1909); Jean-Michel Damase: Quatre Facettes (1999)



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