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The story of STROMA, by HOWARD SMITH


Imagine a chamber music group for which each and every performance is a highly sought-after première. This sounds rather like the impossible dream of every contemporary composer. Yet Stroma is such a dream ensemble.

Its home is Wellington, New Zealand, and a large percentage of approximately twenty one core players are also key members of the 'flagship' New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.


Stroma commissions new works from 21st century Kiwi composers. Then players are called upon to make up whatever instrumental configuration the music requires. The work is finally presented as a world première.

And it doesn't stop there. Top New Zealand performers are equally keen to present modern overseas music which may not otherwise be heard here in a live concert setting. Thus all works from outside become first New Zealand performances.

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Copyright © 6 December 2002 Howard Smith, Masterton, New Zealand


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